Sunday, September 20, 2009

In and out

I can tell I am getting tired of the garden because I don't feel like doing much outside. Even though I could have skipped, I mowed yesterday because we are expecting some rain in the near future. The maple out front is starting to drop leaves - must be autumn! And I watered because if I did not, it would not rain. And I picked some peppers and cucumbers.

My new stove and microwave arrived last Monday.

The stove is in place, but the microwave is waiting on my son-in-law's schedule. He is coming over today to scope out what needs to be done to mount the thing over the stove.

The contractor supplied me with some new numbers, and it looks like I will be getting a new laundry room! We still have to work out a few details, but the price is where I think it should be. Whoo-hoo!

My SO supervised the delivery of the stove, and he noticed that my worm farm was leaking. Turns out the bottom level was full of worm juice. I had wondered about that, but in my usual cavalier way, never actually checked on it. That level has a spigot, so I drained off the juice, diluted it, and used it on my potted herbs. We shall see how they respond.

Today I am doing a little blog clean-up on the sidebar. Check out some of the gardening blogs I follow. Re the list of vegetables I grew this year, I wish I had been more organized and could comment on the pros and cons of the different varieties of tomatoes and peppers, but somehow there were several label mix-ups in the course of the summer. Thumbs up on the Sun Gold and Sweet Tangerine tomatoes (I can recognize them!) It was my first time growing non-red tomatoes, and I liked them both.

BTW, Betsy Beagle is responding well to the prednisone. It's so unusual to have her following me around again. Hopefully, the improvement continues.

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