Friday, February 27, 2009

It's the ugliest time of the year

Now that the snow is gone, my view of the backyard is decidedly ick. Everything is brown and gray and wet and muddy. On the one hand, I am excited about spring coming; on the other, whew! what a lot of work I have ahead of me.

  • The heating contractors need to return and adjust the baffles again, because now the West Wing is downright chilly, worse than ever. I'm tempted to crawl under the house with them and see just what is what with the baffles, so if need be, I can adjust them myself.

  • I did rearrange the two spare bedrooms so they each have a bed. One is cozy, the other cramped because it still has too much furniture in it. Someday I will get rid of the some-assembly-required desks I have accumulated over the years.

  • The cat is using the litter box in the cat washroom! Now I will begin phasing out the old litter box.

The seed catalogs are enticing me to order too many plants and seeds. Again. Burpee has a tomato collection that is calling my name. One problem with Burpee is, they think they know better than I do when it is time to set out tomato plants in these here parts. The other problem is, do I really need nine tomato plants?

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