Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My bad? Maybe

The electrician came and now there is power to the outlet. I can tell by the little green light on it. Upon closer inspection, I discover that the outlet includes a reset button. I wonder if that is all I needed to do to make it work. And I wonder if the bird bath tripped the circuit. Experiments forthwith.

Once the deck was gone, I thought the rabbits would abandon living within ten feet of the back door.

Apparently not.

They have taken up residence under the porch that goes between the French doors of the new room and the patio slab. I'm hoping it is just temporary or the dog will be trying to dig under the porch.

BTW, I need another name for the new room because "new room" is what my ex-in-laws called their new room, even 30 years after it was built. Any ideas?

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