Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring has sprung - NOT

Where I work, we get Presidents Day off, and on the Friday before a long weekend, we also may leave at 3pm. The sunshine was misleading, but despite the chill and the still frozen ground, I used the extra time to work in the yard.

First, there was poop scooping. Then there was ornamental grass shearing. Then there was hosta bed clearing. I also cleaned up the pink and white bed on the south side of the house a bit and discovered that the pink daffodils I planted last fall are peeking out above the ground. Either I planted the bulbs too shallow or they are mistakenly precocious.

The pea fence was never put away last fall, so I relocated it and started filling it with yard waste in preparation of my first lasagna bed. That is this year's experiment - lasagna gardening.

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