Monday, February 13, 2017

Helpful gardening dog

It's been almost two years since Betsy Beagle went to doggie heaven. After a hiatus from dog ownership, I decided it was time for a new pooch. Since moving to Fort Wayne 24 (!!!) years ago, I've relied on Animal Care and Control as my source for canines. First came Charlie, a basset mix, then Betsy, and now Watson, my constant companion.

They classified him as an English pointer mix, with the "mix" being beagle. He's 2 years old and tips the scales at 28 pounds. And he is one bundle of energy, which is a good thing. It is very easy for me to talk myself out of taking a walk. Now I feel compelled to make two circuits a day around the nabe with Watson.

He hates being left behind, likes riding in the car, and loves racing around the backyard. He barks but isn't yappy. Someone gave him some training - when the treats come out, he sits and comes, and in the backyard responds to a whistle - but he needs to learn better to walk on a leash and to leave the squirrels alone.

Watson has a great personality, is friendly and not aggressive at all, but the cats are not amused. Finn is smart enough not to run, but Beau either flees at rocket speed or puffs up every hair on his body, including the ones between his ears, giving him an electrified look. Watson whines and yips and wants to give chase. Someday they will all learn to get along. Right?

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flurrious said...

He has an excellent face. Very dog-like. I hope the cats get used to him soon.