Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's going to be HUUGE!

If you are a garden blogger, you might consider going to the Garden Bloggers Fling. This year's fling is in the Washington, D.C. area, June 22-25. Not only do you get to see a wide variety of public and private gardens, there is lots of swag plus the opportunity to win stuff.

To qualify, you need to be a semi-active blogger and most of your blog needs to involve gardening of some sort. The garden bloggers I met last year ranged from gardening experts to a few bloggers like me. The one common denominator is they all love gardens. They are also a friendly bunch, eager to share their knowledge and experience if you but ask. This year's tour includes a winery visit and a dessert bar. Neither appeal to me, but then I am old and ascetic.

I'm wavering over whether to attend this fling as I have something else going on the week before. I haven't been to DC since the 1971 May Day protest against the Vietnam War. At the time, I was not yet a gardener but even had I been, gardening was not the point then.

But YOU could go! And share your pix. And if I can't attend, I can be there vicariously through YOU!


Helen said...

Oh, you MUST attend the Fling. It's the best deal in garden tours ever. Plus, you'll meet all kinds of garden bloggers from around the country and the world, including the UK and Canada (that's me). Once you Fling, you're often hooked.

commonweeder said...

The Garden Blogger's Fling is a great event. And so kind of the organizers to think of Desserts - for those of us who cannot imbibe. All those bloggers have so much information and humor to share - I can't wait.

Jason said...

I hope you do attend! Plenty has changed in DC since 1971, gardens included.