Monday, March 28, 2016

Yesterday was too hot!

Sunny and 72 degrees feels WAY too warm. Today the temps are back down in the 50's, much more tolerable. What am I going to do come August?!?

The nice weather does get me outside, though. I cut down the ornamental grasses and one remaining clematis, dug quack grass and baby thistle out of some of the garden beds (happy to see the worms hard at work), and made note of the buds on the forsythia and rhododendron. Also, I glared at the signs of woodchuck incursion under the shed. My SO and I are plotting to raise the shed a foot or so, to make its dark underside less inviting.

The other day, while sitting on my living room couch, I could hear something unusual and ODD. I though maybe ducks were on the roof, (it has happened before), but it seemed too loud. While peering out the picture window, I saw the culprit - a woodchuck! He was in the mugo, gnawing on my house! What's next? A skunk under the deck?

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Jason said...

That is too warm for March. We had a couple of days that reached 60, but that's as warm as it's been here.