Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Garlic is up, and so am I

Today is Day 12 of the worst head cold I have had in a long time. The fiery throat, sinus drainage, headaches, earaches, and cough aren't the worst - it's the overwhelming fatigue. But I am finally on the mend (knock on wood).

I managed to do a bit of yard work today, including dead heading the 'Limelight' Hydrangea. Standing in that area of the yard reminded me of my plan to install Bishop's Weed as an understory. This corner is a problem area that receives little sun most of the time, then a LOT of sun once summer hits its stride. The Hydrangea loves it, but other plants either starve for light or burn up. Hopefully, the Bishop's Weed will thrive there. And hopefully, I will be able to keep it under control, as it can become invasive. Rumor has it the variegated variety (which is what I ordered) is better behaved.

Inside, I have started broccoli and lettuce plants. I was a little leery of whether Beau, the Feline Destroyer of All Things Nice, would leave them be, but so far, so good. The daffodil my g'daughter picked did not fair so well. Not only did Beau knock over the vase, he broke it. No fresh flowers for me this year.

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Jason said...

Why is it that some cats love to knock things over? We had a cat who used to methodically knock over one thing after another on our shelves while we were having dinner. After every toppling, she would give us an intent stare.