Friday, March 04, 2016

Last snow?

Last year, when it came time to take the lawn mower to the garden center for servicing, I had to drag it through the snow from the backyard shed. Today, when the reminder popped up on my phone, I considered a repeat performance, then decided if I wait a couple of days, the snow will be gone. That's how it has been this winter - cold and sometimes snow, followed by ridiculously warm temperatures. But now spring is near, so maybe we will just have the latter, not the former.

My SO and I attended the annual home and garden show a week or so ago. I may have found a source for the gazebo I envision. Also, I picked up some flower seeds from the Allen County Master Gardeners, including Cardinal Climber, which hummingbirds are purported to love. I was hoping to hook up with the guy who will help me with a new design for my yard, but we missed each other.

I'm starting some of the annual pre-planting chores, like rooting coleus transplants from the mother plant overwintering in the den. I also placed an order with Outside Pride, for some miniclover. I dislike treating my lawn, but occasionally succumb to my embarrassment over all the weeds. Also, the soil is compacted heavy clay. I'm hoping the miniclover will perform as described: aerating the soil, fixing nitrogen, tolerating drought (I fear we will have some dry summers ahead, thanks to El Nino), and in general, improving the health and appearance of my lawn. I'll test it in the backyard first.

I also ordered some Thunbergia (Black Eyed Susan Vine) and Cypress Vine seeds. Meanwhile, I meditate on how best to grow some of these annual vines on my pergola. I anticipate imitating the Chicago Botanical Garden, protecting the wood with flashing while growing the plants in wire baskets. Unless someone has a better idea? I'm open to suggestions.

My heron looks like a snowy egret today.

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Jason said...

It's only a snowy egret in the snow! Hope the micro clover works for you. Haven't planted mine yet.