Monday, April 21, 2014

Dare I say it?

If I put away the snow shovels, will I jinx the weather? We had a couple of below freezing nights this past week, but the worst of it seems to be behind us now. The forsythia doesn't believe me, but the daffodils sure do.

Hopefully will become rabbit and woodchuck proof

My SO and I spent several hours outside Saturday, him working on the garden fence, me planting potatoes, potting up broccoli seedlings (note to self: don't plant the cool weather vegetable seedlings in the same flat as the warm weather ones) , and generally puttering around in the yard.

Adirondack Blue and Red seed potatoes

Items of note: some of the plants that wintered over in the garage are recovering, specifically the thyme and catnip; the hops rhizomes I planted in a big container have (surprisingly) sprouted; the redbud trees are budding. I even swapped out the flannel sheets on my bed for percale. Now *that* is a sure sign of spring!

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Kudos to your SO; that's a good looking fence.

I so admire your gardening efforts. I'm wishing you bumper crops all around.