Thursday, May 01, 2014

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

My SO and I just returned from a weeklong "family obligation" vacation to New England. I left my garden and seedlings in the care of my daughter and everything survived. It helped that it stayed cool for the duration of our travels and even rained a bit.

I managed to get one mowing in before leaving, so the property did not look abandoned upon our return. Most of the daffodils are done (and they did not put on much of a display to begin with, thanks to the extremely cold spring weather). The rhododendron popped, as did the service berry.

The "old" asparagus that I thought had succumbed to the winter temps has broken through, and I have been enjoying a daily dose. It is amazing how tender it is, fresh from the garden, even the grossly thick stalks. I'm glad I planted more this year.

I am also glad the Meyer lemon appears to be recovering. It did not bloom this year, which is fine with me because I was not going to let it bear fruit anyway. I just need to be more careful about watering and feeding it, so next year it can once again be fruitful.

(BTW, in the process of finishing the garden fence, I moved the bird feeders. Later, I saw the squirrel sitting on the fence, looking longingly at the now too distant feeders. Foiled!)

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Your plants look good. Won't be too long before you can get them in the ground.