Saturday, April 05, 2014

A little worried

Last weekend I started some seeds indoors: broccoli (late, I know), tomatoes, peppers. The broccoli seeds have sprouted, but no sign of life from the rest. These are the seeds that were delivered during the polar vortex. I hope the bitter temps they may have experienced in transit did not kill them. I'm going to put a little heat under them, to see if that helps.

I am also fretting about plant deliveries because, during a brain fart, I decided to be out of town in late April. Pinetree responded to my neurotic fretmail by shipping the rest of my order the next day. I didn't notice that, besides Irish potatoes, the order includes sweet potato slips; if the latter are hurt by the chilly temps as they travel, it will be my own damn fault. I also contacted Stark Bros. about the blueberry plants that were supposed to be shipped in March; they are on their way. That leaves only some ground cherry and pepper plants from Seed Savers to worry about.

Otherwise, I've been trying to achieve a little yard clean up. Not easy with cool temps and frigid wind and alternately pelting and misting rain. This weekend promises to be sunny, or so they say. Around here, you can never tell.


Toni said...

My peppers are only NOW starting to sprout and I planted them 3 weeks ago. What's up with peppers this year?

Jason said...

Seeds are usually pretty rugged. Seedlings not so much. Is there someone who can look in on them before you get home?