Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Second verse, same as the first

Oh, great, now THAT song is my newest ear worm.

Compare with previous photo of cat lawn ornament

Last Saturday I nearly cried while watching slush fall from the sky. I thought maybe winter was getting to me, but it was just the slush talking. I am okay with snow, even this much.

The long path to the bird feeders

Once again, my wonderful neighbor came to my rescue and blew the driveway. THANK GOD, because clearing the front walk almost did me in. There is nowhere to put the snow anymore. I tried throwing it over the existing mounds, failed in the execution, and watched the pitched snow tumble back to the sidewalk.

Like most boys, Finn likes to pee outside

I still had to clear the patio myself so that the dog could get beyond the step to do her bidness. That wasn't so bad, primarily due to the fact that snow does not stick to the backyard shovel like it does the front yard shovel.

From "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

What? You don't have two shovels? I use a "back-saver" in the front because of the driveway, a regular shovel in the back. The latter is the one I used to carry in the car, along with clay kitty litter, but now I just stay home when the roads are crappy. The wonders of technology allow that, so nyah.

My toes are cold!

It is supposed to stay cold so maybe, just maybe, I will break out the cross country skis this weekend. (I probably just jinxed myself.)

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