Friday, February 21, 2014

I can't wait

It is too early to start transplants from seed, even broccoli, but that does not mean I can't get prepared.

Last year I tried growing transplants in the garage, thinking the cooler temperatures out there would keep the plants from getting leggy. Instead, they pouted. So I moved the rack back inside. If I weren't planning some major renovations to the house, I would locate the rack elsewhere, but the West Wing will have to do for now. It is cool out there most of the time, unless there is afternoon sun.

Then I hacked up the coleus mother plant, to clone transplants for the flower box on the front porch. I did something similar last year, and it worked out well and saves me a few bucks at the greenhouse.

The snow has begun to melt. Last night we had weather alerts for wind, fog, flooding, AND thunderstorms. Fortunately, the rain was short lived. This morning the temperature is still above freezing, but that won't last. Can't put away the wool sweaters just yet.


Pat - Arkansas said...

We do get "antsy" when thinking about gardens, don't we. While my days of much gardening...other than my day lilies... have fallen by the wayside, I share the urge vicariously with my daughter in Nebraska. In a few weeks, she will have her house full of sprouting things, just waiting for the soil to thaw and warm.

Toni said...

Our weather has spring fever here--It's going to be almost 50 today. I can usually plant spinach in February, but I think this year I'll add a few lettuces and kale out there as well. Not like I don't have extra seeds. And I was just thinking I should get things going in the greenhouse--it would currently cook lettuce.

Another fun year of gardening has begun!

Jason said...

i'm trying not to get too anxious for spring, as the ground still has a pretty thick blanket of snow.