Friday, February 07, 2014


Are you tired of my posting about the weather? Yeah, me, too. So let's talk gardening.

Today I ordered blueberry plants, LOTS of blueberry plants. Some for me, a couple for my daughter, even two for my son. And all different varieties, so somehow, someway, we are going to have blueberries. Some day.

A couple of years ago I spontaneously purchased a 'Patriot' blueberry plant. It never amounted to much as I first stuck it in a pot, then the garden, then I moved it a couple of times. But now that the south side of the house is destined to become a berry patch, I bought it a companion. Or five.
  • 1 'Patriot'
  • 2 'Darrow'
  • 2 'Blueray'
I chose these three varieties because one bears in June, one in July, and one in August, so I expect to have blueberries all summer long. Another criterion was their fall foliage, since they will be visible from the street.

For my daughter, I selected:
  • 1 'Earliblue'
  • 1 'Bluecrop'
She said she wanted something early rather than late. One of these bears in June, the other in July, *and* they pollinate each other.

For my son, who lacks space for a garden, I chose a "patio assortment", two varieties that are small enough for growing in containers.
  • 'Northcountry'
  • 'Northblue'
Disappointed with my so-called "everbearing" strawberries, I also ordered 'Earliglo' June-bearing strawberry plants. Once they get established, the (n)everbearing will become compost.

I had plans to also start a mini orchard this year, but decided to wait until next. I want to better prepare the soil, plus better understand their care. Otherwise, I might as well plant $20 bills in the yard.


Pat - Arkansas said...

I hope you have much success with your blueberries. They are SO yummy! I had to laugh out loud at your comment about planting $20 bills. Lord knows, I've done that several times! Doesn't work! :)

Jason said...

I LOVE blueberries. I hope you have bountiful harvests soon. They grow so well in SW Michigan (we used to go picking around Bridgman and Berrien Springs in July), and I thought in northern Indiana as well. Is your soil sandy and acidic?

bittenbyknittin said...

My soil is heavy clay, Jason, but the backfill around the house is sandy. I mixed in several bales of peat last fall and plan to add some sulpher. I've been able to grow rhododendron, so I think I will be able to grow blueberries.

Toni said...

I can't wait to see how the blueberries turn out for you. We planted some a few years ago, and I've amended the soil, watered, protected, and pampered them....and they're about half the size they were to begin with. My mother planted some at the same time, didn't bother with the acidity of her soil, ignores them, and hers are doing wonderfully. :)