Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm hoping to indoctrinate my granddaughter in the joys of gardening, even though this has not been a very joyful year. Right now, this very minute, it is RAINING! Please, a little more of the same.

I have been harvesting the garlic one variety at a time, to help me not mix them up. This is the Georgia Fire. Two down, two to go.

I keep finding chipmunk caches, this one on top of the strawberry planter. Also, the other day I saw a dagnabbit RABBIT in the yard. I blame the meter readers for not securing the chicken wire when they pass through the gates.

I spotted a few butterflies recently, but they don't hang around for portraits. Plenty of yellow jackets, though. This one is on the fernleaf dill.

This week's CSA box was better than usual: two ears of corn, two personal-sized eggplant, four tomatoes, lots of sweet peppers, a couple of cukes (destined for cold cucumber soup), the usual summer squash (froze zucchini soup base with some), some beets, and still more lettuce.

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Jason said...

Good luck with the indoctrination - your granddaughter is adorable. I have no grandkids yet, I don't think I'm ready for that. My sons are 22 and 25, the elder moving in with his girlfriend this fall.

Do you really find noticeable tatste differences with different varieties of garlic?