Thursday, July 19, 2012

A garlic for every purpose

A few years ago, I did not even know that there were different varieties of garlic. All I knew about was what is in the produce section at the grocery store and elephant garlic (which isn't actually garlic at all). It was probably someone's blog that got me interested in growing garlic, which exposed me to the fact there are lots of different kinds. I haven't comparison-tasted the varieties I grow (although last night I used the Georgia Fire in a stir fry and it was not very garlicky at all), but I did select them with a purpose.

Bogatyr - good keeper, important if you want fresh garlic in the spring

Broadleaf Czech - small cloves, all-purpose, good flavor

Georgia Fire - for fresh use, in salsa and salads, nicely hot

German Extra Hardy - HUGE bulbs, perfect for roasting

I have found garlic to be extremely easy to grow - lots of information may be found here. This year's crop was my first attempt at square foot gardening - planting nine cloves in a square foot worked out perfectly.

I'm 95% sure these are labeled correctly

Ordinarily, one removes the flower heads when they appear, to force energy into bulb formation. Which I did this year, but a couple popped up later than usual and formed bulbils.

From what I read, the bulbils may be planted like the cloves; the first year they get larger but don't form bulbs. They are dug up like bulbs, though, and replanted in the fall, and the following year become bulbs. I thought about trying that, just for fun. The garden has not been very fun this year, however, and right now I am not in the mood for experiments.


Jason said...

OK, where do I get these fancy varieties and when do I plant?

Patrick's Garden said...

Bring hon the garlic. lNice recap and I enjoyed seeing the different varieties.Enjoy some for m4