Thursday, July 05, 2012


I was waiting for the 100+ degree heat to subside a bit before watering the garden tonight, but procrastination pays off.

For once, my yard was under the bright red splotch on the weather radar. The rain gauge registers just under 3/4" but I'll round it up since some of that rain was falling sideways. Despite the wind gusts, nothing blew over.

A few days ago, I discovered that the visiting chipmunk was not just digging in my containers, but burying as well. Here and there, clusters of sunflowers have sprouted. Hope the little critter appreciates my efforts at providing him seeds and a place to cache them.

Back to the subject of my previous post, Jason wanted to know if raw milk is "prohibitively expensive," a relative term. Not counting the one-time expense of the share (which I cannot recall offhand), I calculate that the boarding fees translate into just under $7 a gallon. If I had a family to feed on a limited budget, I admit this would give me pause. But I was the kind of mom who drove miles into the country to purchase fresh (pasteurized) goat milk at a premium price, because at that time (30 years ago) cow milk was blamed for triggering allergies.

As for the taste, at first I did not think the flavor was all that different. But recently, when I had reason to sample some store-bought (organic) milk, I was horrified at how bad it tasted. It literally tasted like sh*t. Between that and the pasture-raised meat I buy, I am so spoiled. It would be hard to go back.

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Jason said...

We had rain also, but I'm convinced it's because I had my soaker hoses going. If I had turned off the the hoses, it wouldn't have rained. This prediction is based on a theory my spouse has known as GPE, or the General Perversity of Events.