Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Lasagna gardening potatoes - FAIL

The other day I decided to look for more potatoes.  The good news is, there was more than one cereal bowl of fingerlings to be found.  The bad news is, something (mice?) got to half of them.  And the ones I did rescue are teeny tiny things, enough to fill - yep - one cereal bowl.

I just reread the how-to-plant-potatoes section in Lasagna Gardening, to see if there was anything I could have done better or different.  Nope.  The potatoes were supposed to not only grow and thrive 'tween newspapers and mulch, they were supposed to break up the soil as well.  NOT.  Maybe if one has something other than cement-like clay. 

Oh, well.  It was an experiment.  And at least there are now three beds that were mulched so heavily that they are weed-free, unlike the rest of the garden.  And I can reuse the straw elsewhere.  And I can plan to do things different next year.

There is one more bed to harvest, but I"m not getting my hopes up.  In this case, I don't think third time's the charm.

(Okay, you grammarians out there, is it "do things different" or "do things differently"?  Am I DOING differently or are we talking about different THINGS? Inquiring minds want to know.)


Pat - Arkansas said...

LOL for you and your worries about grammar. Not an English major, but here goes: One does things 'differently' (an "-ly" adverb modifying "does," a form of the verb "to do") but one can do "different" things (adjective modifying a noun (things) "differently" (a "how" adverb modifying "do."

Totally confused? So am I! LOL

Any English majors out there who wish to correct this, please feel free to do so; it's been 60 years since I studied English grammar, and since I am accused of a faulty memory, I could be w.r.o.n.g.

Thanks for dropping by my lost coffee cup post, Abby. It's appreciated. Hugs, P

Pat - Arkansas said...

P.S. Sorry your lasagna gardening potatoes didn't do as well as expected, but at least you have a few weed-free spaces for next year.