Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blessed rain!

It isn't autumn in Indiana unless it is raining.  Not that it is autumn yet, but this rain is bringing cooler temperatures.  Greatly appreciated, Mother Nature!  (BTW, that is not a pond in the foreground - that is my patio.  It has a concave area that collects water.  Unintentional.)

My zucchini crop was underwhelming this year. Ditto the cukes. But here is the disappointment of 2010.

A cereal bowl of taters, all I was able to harvest from a 4' x 20' bed.  The lasagna method of potato growing does warn one of smaller crops, but the payoff is no digging because the potatoes grow between a layer of newspaper and a mound of straw.  This particular bed did not get as much sun as the others, and the plants were not as prolific, either, so I'm hoping the other beds do better.

Has anyone tried on of these?

It's a red kuri squash.  I did not grow it, but I could not resist it when I saw it at the food co-op.  According to Wiki, it tastes like chestnuts.  I'm not sure I have ever had chestnuts, so I won't be able to verify that.  It looks like a good candidate for soup, though.

Here is another possible reason I have fewer bugs this year.

I can't recall the last time I saw a toad in my backyard.  This guy was hanging out by the outdoor faucet.  Maybe that was the only reliable spot for moisture the past few weeks.  I hope he sticks around.

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