Sunday, September 26, 2010

It was supposed to RAIN

We have had some dry summers here the past few years, but I have never seen things this bad.  This is my 20+ year old Crimson King maple, a tree I have never had to water before.  The leaves were drying up and falling off before they started to turn.  The viburnum has also suffered, from the newest (below) to the oldest, which is virtually naked.  Sad.

Today was a beautiful FALL day, though, temperature wise, and I spent most of it outside, watering.

I have sporadically watered the south side of the house, which was good enough for the Clara Curtis painted daisies above.  The hostas and coral bells on the north side of the house have not been watered until today, but they look none the worse for wear (if you ignore the slug holes).

I know there are asters in the meadow, because there is a plant marker for them, but in the spring I am never sure which plant they are.  I guess I did not pull them up. Yet.

Otherwise, not much left for eye candy this year.

The birds, on the other hand, are plentiful.  Today the robins were mobbing the poke weed, and when they left, some juvenile starlings took a turn.  I have also seen nut hatches and black-capped chickadees, two species I associate with winter.  So one can hope this endless summer will finally be over.  Someday.


lifeshighway said...

Hey, I saw you mentioned me on Garden Rant. Thanks a bunches. I love your blog and would like to follow you so I can remember to pop over but I did not see the widget.

We are finally have some Fall weather in North Carolina. It is a welcome change.

Abby said...

Thanks, lifeshighway, for stopping by. How to add my blog to your feed depends on your feed. I have been able to subscribe to my own feed through IE and Google Reader, without explicitly adding a widget to my blog (which I'm not sure how to do!) Let me know if that is not possible with your feed reader, and I will try to add the feed widget.