Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who thought this was a good idea?

This sample arrived with last Sunday's newspaper.

Chocolate Cheerios sounds just plain gross to me.

And when did Cheerios become a corn and oat cereal product?  From what I have read about corn, it is not that good for human health.  Any benefits one may (see the disclaimer on the front of the box) derive from the oats are probably offset by the corn.

Last Sunday we tried another soup from Love Soup - Black Bean and Squash.  This soup went through the blender, again making me wish for an immersion blender, but I opted for something low tech and purchased a potato masher.  I really don't care if my soups are creamy and perfectly blended, as long as they taste good.  Anyway, the soup was great, especially with corn muffins from the Tasajara Bread Book.

On Monday we took a hike at McNabb Nature Preserve, one of many protected by Acres Land Trust.  My SO had stumbled upon this preserve once before and assured me he knew how to get there.  Many wrong turns and reversals later, we found it.  Lucky for us, someone had been through on snow shoes, which helped provide better footing for us.  I still managed to overwork a groin muscle.  Coming home we made wrong turns again.  I wish I had a dollar for every time my SO said, "Now I know where we are!"  At least it was a nice day for a drive in the country.

More snow fell on Tuesday, just enough to justify shoveling the driveway, but since then it has been almost springlike.  In February it is hard not to get one's hopes up for an early spring.  Maybe I will start some parsley and zinnias inside, to keep the basil and cilantro company.

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