Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finishing touches, one by one

Slowly but surely, I am putting the finishing touches on the new construction.

My daughter helps me.  We picked out this rug and another at Pier 1, both on clearance.  The second will go under my desk in the family room, once I clean the floor.  While out and about, we also found a small-tall table and chairs at Oat Express for the West Wing.  I've been wanting to have a place to breakfast with the birds.  They had to back order the set, plus I am waiting on a cabinet for the family room from Furniture Crafts.  I'm too old to wait!

The ground is still snow covered, but somehow the sage knows spring is coming.

The potatoes and onions in the cupboards and carrots in the refrigerator are all trying to grow as well.  The sage blossoms I can explain with light levels, but all the others, especially the carrots, are in the dark.  How do they know spring is coming?  The tilt of the earth on its axis?

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