Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday routine

My SO has been very generous with his Sunday afternoons and muscle power. Today he helped line the chain link with chicken wire. I simply have too many bunnies in my backyard habitat. We have about 25 feet left to go, then I will have to figure something out for the gates.

I also turned the compost pile today, sifting out a cartful of black gold in the process. At the very bottom of the bin I was emptying was what I think is a vole or mole. At first I thought it was a mouse, but instead of running away, it kept burrowing down. It was gray, with a short tail, and very interested in disappearing.

The wren house is finally occupied, so now I not only get to hear the wren song, but get to watch mom and dad ready the nest. The bluebird house has been taken over by sparrows. They might as well use it since no bluebirds are. And I saw a hummingbird about a week ago. I'm contemplating investing in an oriole feeder, because I think they are around, just not very visible.

Now it is time for some Advil.

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