Sunday, June 07, 2009

Making lasagna

My soil is heavy clay. Heavy, heavy clay. I have tried various and sundry methods to lighten it up over the years, but nothing seems to do much good. So I decided to give lasagna gardening a try.

It's a little late to create beds this year, but that has not stopped me. The "active" beds - the ones with stuff growing in them - are at various stages along the road to becoming lasagna beds, but today I started a real lasagna bed, one that will cook until next year, when it will be perfect. Right?

This bed, which is approximately 4'x25', now consists of two layers of sod, one facing up and one facing down, with newspaper in between, topped with some ashes from the fireplace, a bale of sphagnum moss, three 40-pound bags of composted cow manure, and a bunch of grass clippings. The robins are loving it.

(It's funny how I am not too lazy to go to all that work, but I am too lazy to go inside and get my camera to document what I am doing. Go figure.)

The cooking of more lasagna beds is planned, but this is the tough one because of the sod. We shall see how well it breaks down. More layers will be added as they become available, but there shall be no tilling. I want to see if the worms can work their magic with no mechanical help from me.

Other achievements: planted some mesclun in a container, to see how it does if I keep it protected from the fierce summer sun; harvested some radishes; planted cukes next to the pea fence, so they have something to climb; and some of the marigolds are in the ground and in containers.

I also moved a heuchera that was not getting enough sun, and replaced it with this gift from a nursery friend of mine:

It's a hosta called 'Love Pat'. Hope it can hold its own against its neighbors, aka the Hostas That Ate New York.

Not all the 'Jethro Tull' coreopsis survived the winter, but I can find four, some of which are blooming.

Love those fluted petals!

And the bees are still loving the phlox, even though the blooms are about done for the year.

If I had a better camera, you would see that this guy is not perched on a stalk but flying about, his wings a blur.

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