Sunday, June 28, 2009

Before I forget

Here are all the things we did today:

Picked snap peas.

Finished lining the chain link fence with chicken wire, to try to discourage the rabbits.

Moved pots of plants around.

Weeded the area around the patio and beside the shed, transplanting some of the mint in the process.

Planted another hill of zucchini. I saw a squash bug on the first planting. Boo!

Planted another short row of green beans.

Transplanted a serrano pepper, Thai basil, and Greek oregano into a big planter.

Dug up two Sella d'Oro daylilies and some yucca for my daughter. She took some of the snap peas, and cilantro and basil, too.


And now I am too pooped to write more. So here a a few photos for your amusement.

The picture of evil incarnate:

Japanese beetles like hollyhocks as well.

Bee balm:

And a young bluebird of happiness:

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