Sunday, April 05, 2009

My plan worked

While I was unloading mulch from the back of my CRV, I heard a voice ask, "Are you going to make me yell at you for not using my truck?"

It was my neighbor from across the street. Two years ago, when he owned a beat-up blue Toyota Tacoma, he offered said truck for mulch-hauling. But now he has a nice white Dodge Dakota. I didn't want to mess up his new truck.

"When you get up close, you'll see it's not that new and not that nice."

Okay, then, I will take advantage of him and his generosity.

But if you don't have such friendly, truck-owning neighbors, I can recommend the SUV liner pictured above from Lee Valley. It protects your vehicle when you need to tote something not-so-nice.

The above-pictured mulch (and a load of compost) were free, courtesy of our county biosolids site. Residents can drop off yard waste for a nominal fee, and if they load it themselves, take away compost and mulch for free. (There is another nominal fee if they load it for you.) Since their frontloader would not fit inside my CRV, my SO helped me first with a load of compost, then a load of mulch. The car looked full each time, but what I brought home did not go far. That truck will come in handy.

The compost went into making beds for peas and onions, but the weather is not cooperating. I was tempted to plant this morning, but I see the forecast is for freezing temps this week. Must be patient.

The daffodils are not, though. Last fall I ordered the "Hybridizer’s Pink Daffodil Mixture" from Brecks. Below is a sample.

Between ordering them and seeing them in real life, my mind's eye had pictured something different, something pinker. I may replace them next fall... or not. I'm lazy like that.

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