Friday, March 20, 2009

Wait mode

I think my neighbors down the street have the right idea. They leave town for the month of March, and when they return in April, spring is here and it is time to start gardening. The rest of us just sit around and mope and gaze out the window, wondering when the grass will green up.

The heating contractors never returned my phone call about readjusting the baffles in the heat ducts, so I manned up and put on my overalls and crawled under the house and adjusted them myself. Now the West Wing is within a couple of degrees of the rest of the house.

For the past several years, I have been using my bonuses to fund home improvements, and I had big plans this year until the stupid economy intervened. I did get a bonus (and no, my employer is not getting a bailout from Uncle Sam, so I am not returning any of it), but it is not enough for what I had in mind. And frankly, I was not looking forward to the next phase of reconstruction. So I might just concentrate on finishing up what was started last year - the West Wing needs some new furniture and the yard needs some trees - and leave it at that. Maybe. We'll see.

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