Saturday, January 10, 2009

The path to hell

My intention was to sleep in this morning, but last night's snowfall fooled me into thinking it was light out at 6:00 AM. Once I stir, the pets expect to be fed, so up and at 'em for me.

The current snow began yesterday as one front swept through the area and left behind about two inches. Shortly after I arrived home, the neighbor across the street cleared my driveway with his snowblower even though I like to shovel two inches of powder - it's part of my exercise program. He left me the sidewalks, though, and more fell during the night so I got me a little fresh air this morning. Three inches isn't quite enough for cross country skiing, but the stuff keeps drifting down, so maybe by Sunday morning I can give the skis a try.

In case you are interested, here is my new gas meter and its associated pipes. The gas man said something about coming back in the spring to paint it. To match the house? I don't really care.

Betsy Beagle is down to a half-pill of prednisone every two days. I hope that keeps working. When she was taking a whole pill every other day, I accidentally skipped a dose and she reverted to being unable to move without pain. There is something called Beagle Pain Syndrome and I'm wondering if that is what she has. I talk about Betsy being my last dog, but when I contemplated having to put her out of her misery, my heart broke. What would I do without Betsy and her liquid brown eyes? She keeps me warm on those "one dog nights".

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