Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bunny loves Betsy

I don't know much about rabbit love, but it seems like every winter just about this time, HipHop starts acting strangely. I don't know if it is pheromones from wild bunnies in the yard or what. Last year I had to confine him to his cage for a few weeks because I was tired of him humping my leg and spraying. This year he is after the dog. Betsy does not like having her butt sniffed, let alone attacked by an amorous rabbit, so there has been some snapping and growling going on. HipHop reminds me of Pepe Le Pew in his persistent pursuit of the dog. It must be puppy love. (Sorry - could not resist.)

Not much else has been going on around here. The snow melt off my car was not disappearing down the garage drain very fast, so I invited some plumber guys to clean that out. While they were here, I asked them to fiddle with the toilet in the main bathroom and now it refills after a flush. Yay! It's little things that make the difference.

Over xmas break, I stopped in at Wild Birds Unlimited to look at their heated birdbaths but did not buy. Last week I stopped in again, to purchase a copy of the Acres Land Trust Preserve Guide, and the birdbaths were on sale for 20% off. So now I have a heated birdbath... in my house. I haven't set it up outside yet. Maybe tomorrow. It sounds like we could be having a January mini-thaw, with temps predicted to be in the high 30's.

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