Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Done - I think

The gas man was here today, to swap out the meter and the leaky parts. After the work, he purged the lines and made sure all my gas appliances worked, a process that left the house a little gassy. He left about an hour ago and I think the house still smells gassy. Is that normal? I'm keeping an eye on the pets - they will succumb first! - but when animals sleep 20 hours a day normally, it is difficult to tell whether they are sleepier than usual. My SO is coming over later. If he thinks it smells gassy, maybe I will make another phone call to the emergency leak number.

I cat sit for my next door neighbors. They recently returned from Florida, sobbing all the way. Their tentative plans are to move there permanently in about four years. (Wimps.) That means I will have new neighbors AGAIN. I am becoming one of the old-timers in this area.

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