Friday, November 28, 2008


The sun was shining, so I spent most of the day in the new room, knitting and napping and birdwatching out of the wind. Among the usual feathered visitors was a goldfinch on the thistle sock. Hopefully, he will tell his buds that food is available.

Mr. Squirrel paid us a visit, too. I watched him cross the neighbor's yard via the telephone wire. He could not crawl under my chain link fence because that particular stretch was bunny proofed with chicken wire, so he climbed over. Then he shinnied up the shepherd's hook. He did not even bother to try the mesh feeder, presumably because he had tried it before and found it too confounding to his mooching powers. He sampled some cracked corn, but that wasn't what he wanted. For sunflower seeds he had to resort to ground feeding. Then off he went, back over the fence and presumably on his way to other bird feeders in the nabe.

I tried to take pix from inside, but my camera does not zoom enough. It almost makes me want a new camera or a lens or something. Almost.

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