Monday, November 03, 2008

Feels Like September

The weather has turned downright balmy this week - highs in the 70's. But once the sun goes down, the air definitely chills.

Tonight I tackled the garage. During construction of the new room, half of the garage was full of displaced furniture and homeless canning equipment and refugee tools. The other half served as a workshop for carpenters, Spanish lacers, painters, and such. In the past month, I reclaimed enough of the garage to get my car in, but there was more to do.

I'm still not done, but at least the paint cans are in their place and the leftover insulation is here and the fireplace logs are over there. Some things even wound up in the trash. More stuff is up against the walls instead of in the middle of the floor, and some of the floor was swept clean by my new broom. A good start.

I called the contractor today to see what was happening regarding the final few things, but did not get a definitive answer. I still owe a third of the cost, so I'm sure my concerns will be addressed. Haven't called the flooring people yet. One thing at a time.

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