Sunday, March 09, 2008

Status Quo

The view out my windows has not changed much in the past few days, despite dire weather forecasts. FW seems to be in some kind of weather Bermuda Triangle where many storms just disappear or veer north or south before they reach us. Or maybe those sensationalizing, the-sky-is-falling weather forecasters need to get a grip.

Anyway, the driveway and streets are still clear, the grass is still snow-covered, but the birdsong is definitely taking on a different tone, almost a (do I dare say it?) springlike sound. The wind has quieted for the time being, too, so maybe today would be a good day to walk the dog.

Still no sign of the tree service people (I've been checking for footprints in the snow) and the mower is still in the garage, still unprepared for the first blades of spring.

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