Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

Even though there is still some snow on the ground and the temps are still a bit chilly, the outdoors beckon.

The weather has been so crappy this winter, the dog and I have not made many circuits about the nabe. In the summer, we will walk every morning, but right now (post DST) it is still dark when we arise, and cold. So we are getting in walking shape by circling the block in the afternoons.

But this afternoon Betsy is busy tracking rabbit scents in the backyard, so I decide to feed the birds even though I know the only visitor the sunflower seed feeder will get in the next hour or two will be one fat squirrel who is getting braver and braver because Betsy cannot see the squirrel and when it is downwind, can't smell it, either.

Walking across the yard in my boots, I spot the usual dog turds, freed from the snow, and I realize it is a good poop scooping day. (You other poop scoopers out there will know what I mean.) In the summer, I usually scoop right before mowing or, if it is dry like last year, once a week or so. Winter clean-up depends on the weather, especially snowfall. My main goal is to keep the turd population to a low enough level that Betsy is not stepping in her own shit and dragging it into the house.

Last fall I did not get the yard cleaned up like I like it, so after the poop I tackle the flower bed on the south side of the house. This is the mostly-pink bed, where grape hyacinth, white iris, pink peony, red climbing rose, and pink painted daisy and chrysanthemum grow. There are also a few freebie lilies I stuck in here and there, that I want to replace with magic lilies so I will have pink in August. These lilies are actually peeking up above the mulch this day.

I take a few pix of the emerging lilies, then walk around the front of the house where the ornamental grasses sag. Next time I will tackle them and the other perennials on the east side. Today, I finish my outdoor chores by pushing the remaining snow off the deck and picking up sticks and such.

Now the dog is ready for a walk. And so am I.

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