Monday, November 06, 2006


Perhaps fall is not the best time to start a backyard habitat blog, as the busy season is over. And yet there is lots to do: rabbit-proof the shrubs, clean up the flower beds, service the tiller, etc.

The primary focus this past weekend was leaf raking. Last year I purchased two rakes from Lee Valley. One is a "power rake" and is good for moving large piles of leaves across the yard. The other one (which I don't think they sell anymore) has a telescoping handle and adjustable tine spread. Both are useful in their own ways.

But after wrestling with the leaves amongst the cotoneasters (which, incidently, are berryless, thanks to the rabbits), I'm ready to buy a leaf blower. A neighbor has an electric one that is not so noisy. We'll see.

I also planted some white hyacinth in front of the barberry, but impatiently did not get them very deep. Hopefully, they are deep enough.

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