Friday, November 17, 2006

Rabbit Redux

I'm still tweaking the bunny litter situation. I bought some rabbit cage liners, not understanding exactly what I was buying. I thought they would include absorbant and deodorizing material, as the box said to change out the liner weekly. I did not see the part about adding your favorite litter. (I have no favorite litter.) So I shredded more newspaper for the bulk of the cage bottom, but pinned an absorbant underpad to the side of the cage and draped it under the cage floor where Hip Hop likes to pee. (We won't go into the reason I even have any of these pads in the house - it's more information than you want to know.) And I think this solution is going to be a winner, as now I can just change out the pad daily and clean out the whole undercage pan weekly.

While buying the cage liners, I dropped about $20 on (more) rabbit supplies at PetSmart. (Their in-store selection is better than Pet Supplies Plus.) A grassy mat replaced the square of cardboard for Hip Hop to rest on, and she highly approves of this modification. She also likes her new water dish; it attaches to the side bars, so I like it, too. The Bunny Shake 'n' Chew toy generated mild interest, but the "kabob" for treats did not, but maybe it would if I put something other than Bark Bites on it.

Hip Hop likes bedding in her bed (go figure), so I gave up on the towel and gave her shredded newspaper. I think I will get a hay manger, as the current contraption takes up too much space, leaks hay, and I still can't get the door to stay shut.

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