Saturday, May 06, 2017

What is that bright thing up in the sky?

Last Friday was a dry day, so much mowing and trimming ensued (plus a little pruning). This past Wednesday was also fit for non-ducks, so I did some weeding and mulching. Otherwise, it's been gray leaky skies, day after day, until today. Clear skies are going to result in frosty nights, though.

Since things were still rather soggy in the yard, I felt justified in spending part of the day attending the Rural Artist Studio Tour. I didn't purchase any art, but ironically I did come home with some plants. One stop was at the Beside Still Waters Greenhouse where I snatched up a tray of Sweet Alyssum (no plant tag, so the variety will remain a mystery), to use in the tulip containers. Then after the last stop of the tour, we were just down the road from Riverview Nursery, so I picked up a couple of Rattlesnake Master plants.

Then it was home to mow and trim. I don't know if I am a good example or a bad one when it comes to lawn care. The perfect turf of some of my neighbors looks lovely to this child of the suburbs, but what I would really like is a lawn mixed with low-growing flowers. I try to spot-treat the dandelions to keep them under control, but otherwise let the clover and violets and wild strawberry have their way.

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Jason said...

That bright thing - maybe a UFO? Alert NORAD!