Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I was wrong

While contemplating what I to replace the dead azalea with, I decided upon a butterfly bush. I had one once upon a time, a 'Black Knight' that grew HUGE, then after a few years petered out. This time I chose 'Miss Violet' which is advertised as "compact" - 4'-5' tall and just as wide.

When I grabbed the azalea to yank it out, I realized it is NOT dead. New leaves are appearing. So I planted the butterfly bush where a blueberry bush had succumbed to rabbit damage. The spot is a bit too shady, but once I prune the nearby cherry trees and the neighboring redbud, it should be okay (she told herself optimistically).

Some butterfly gardeners do not approve of the butterfly bush because, while it attracts butterflies and provides them with nectar, it does not provide habitat. Despite the plethora of common milkweed in my yard, I have yet to see a single monarch caterpillar. Last year caterpillars of the milkweed tiger moth destroyed all the butterfly weed I had planted. Maybe the butterfly bush will convince monarch butterflies to join the party.

No pix today - too breezy.


Jason said...

Too bad about the Milkweed. I've tried several times to grow some of the more compact Buddleia varieties but they never last for long.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I like butterfly bushes. Tried to grow one years ago with no luck. Hope yours thrives.