Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter blahs

This time of year I get inundated with seed catalogs, and usually I spend x amount of time drooling over the color-saturated photos, wishing I could plant one of each. This year, not so much. I have plans for the yard and garden, of course, but not much enthusiasm is developing yet.

Meanwhile, "my" Cooper's hawk has been out and about in the backyard.

Since retirement, I don't spend many daytime hours in what I now refer to as the TV room or den, so I had not seen this handsome fellow of late. There are plenty of sparrows, though, which is what was on the menu. I hope he was successful.

There has been snow, plus some bitterly cold temperatures. Currently, we are enjoying some mild weather, what some refer to as a "January thaw". Otherwise, I am hunkered down with my knitting, binge watching "30 Rock", and hoping Indianapolis makes it to the Superbowl. Go Colts!

1 comment:

Jason said...

We're having mild weather also. As for the hawk, go ahead and have another helping of house sparrow!