Friday, January 23, 2015

And so it begins

Last night and today I placed orders for garden seeds and plants. I am ordering from only two places this year, Pinetree and Seed Savers Exchange. And Grandpa's Orchard, once I get a copy of Grow a Little Fruit Tree. If I need anything else (and I'm thinking of pepper plants), I will get them locally.

With that, my gardening mojo is starting to awaken. Sometimes I think I should just give up on the garden, call in a landscaper to make things pretty and easy, and buy my food from the grocery like normal folks do. But this is the first year in a long, long time I can devote almost unlimited hours to the yard and garden, and I want to see what I can do with that. Plus, if I don't garden, what would I do with myself?

Last year the Rouge Vif d'Etamps and Small Sugar pumpkins and the Waltham butternut squash took over the garden, so this year I am trying some hopefully better behaved ones: Bush Delicata, Early Butternut, Orange Magic, and Table Princess squash, and Orange Smoothie pumpkin. I am repeating the blue and red Adirondack potatoes, but adding back in Carola, which I grew several years ago. Otherwise, I am sticking with my usual standbys.

Since I have lost faith that I kept the four garlic varieties I grow properly identified, I ordered fresh bulbs. Yikes! Expensive! If there is any garden plant one should propagate from year to year, it is garlic. Not only will it save money, it is easy to do.

Rats. I just realized I also need to order some blueberry plants to replace the ones that failed last year. Maybe I'll wait to see if the few survivors make it through the winter.

Otherwise, there is not much to do gardenwise besides wait for March to blow in. *sigh*

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Jason said...

I have not yet ordered a single thing for spring, though I've spent a lot of time looking at catalogs.