Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pickled BS

There is an episode of "Portlandia" in which the catch-phrase of one of the skits is "We can pickle that."

While casting about for something to do with the last two pounds of Brussels sprouts from the garden, pickling seemed like as good a choice as any. I've never eaten pickled Brussels sprouts, but there is a first time for everything.

I used a recipe from Food in Jars, which called for two pounds of sprouts to produce four pints of pickles. My sprouts were on the small size (damn woodchuck ate the larger ones at the bottom of the stalks), so I did not cut them in half as suggested in the recipe. The sprouts tend to float, so next time I may try to cram more in, to wedge them under the curve of the jar.

I haven't taste tested these yet - they need to "age" for a week or so. Has anyone out there eaten pickled Brussels sprouts?

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Jason said...

Not brussels sprouts, but carrots, cauliflower, mango, and lots of other stuff. I like Mexican and Indian pickles, which often include stuff I would never think of. I also like Portlandia, but I think my favorite episode of theirs was the "Allergy Pride Parade".