Friday, December 13, 2013

Handmade and homegrown... but not by me

For several years, I have been edging toward planting a mini orchard in the backyard. This summer it might actually happen. I don't feel quite ready yet, but since it will be years before the trees bear fruit, they should go into the ground sooner rather than later.

I want to avoid unnecessary pesticides as much as possible, so need to select varieties that are naturally resistant to pests and diseases. These varieties are not readily available in the produce section of Kroger, though. The catalogs describe all their selections as delicious, but that doesn't mean they will appeal to me.

So I was pleased to discover an vendor at the Handmade Holidays Sale at Teasel Hill selling apples that were right out of Stark Bros. I bought two or three each of the four varieties available: Goldrush, Enterprise, Jonagold, and Arkansas Black. The first three are touted as being disease resistant.

Enterprise and Arkansas Black apples

I like the flavor of all four, but was disappointed that the Jonagold was not crisp as described in the catalog. That may be because they ripen in mid-September and here it is December. Or maybe the vendor misnamed the variety. I will have to pay more attention at farmers markets and such, to see if I can perform more taste tests.

A few other purchases I made at the event:

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Jason said...

Good luck with your fruit trees. I have been tempted, but like you don't want to get tied up with spraying insecticides. Also the fruit can get pretty messy on the ground. What I'd really like to do, though,is plant a sour cherry to attract Cedar Waxwings.