Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No end in sight

I cannot believe how hot it was, is, and will be for the foreseeable future.  And the humidity!  This morning I went out to check the plants on the patio while it was still cool enough to breathe out there, and even though I did not move around enough to break a sweat, my t-shirt was soaked from the moisture in the air.  Very tropical.

I'm still tomato-less.  There are tomatoes out there, lots of them, but none with even a hint of red.  I don't understand what the problem is.  I have enjoyed a Wenk's pepper from the plant I wintered over, plus I scrounged up a potato that was very tasty.  I hope there are more spuds under all that straw.  Maybe next week the zucchini will make an appearance.

Sometimes I wonder whether conventional gardening wisdom is based on scientific fact or old gardeners tales, and I contemplate running some experiments myself.  I accidentally performed one such experiment with the garlic.

Can you tell which bulb did not have the scape removed?  Onions are next, some of which have seed heads on them.  We'll check them out, too.

This little fellow sitting in the cotoneaster came to visit Princess Fern, who loves to watch birds.  The parents were less than happy, but the window pane held despite the cat's pawing at it.

I think this was the same baby that scared the bejesus out of me while I was watering the neighbor's porch plants later in the day.

The coneflower is a bit past its prime and starting to form seeds.  These are in the meadow, and there is a patch by the patio as well, for up close and personal dining by goldfinch.

The Rose of Sharon is in full bloom now, and the hibiscus is just starting.  The meadow is still a bit weedy despite my SO's attentions, but it is just too dang hot to do anything about it right now.

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