Saturday, June 11, 2011

First hummingbird of the season

Can you see the hummingbird?  It's the blur near the center.  Those things are fast.

Work (boo) and rain (yay) have interrupted the gardening, but tomorrow promises to be a delightful day.  Meanwhile, here are some pics from around the yard.

The climbing roses are a bit past their prime, but still gorgeous.

I'm not a geranium person, but I do like red.

This is the best display of 'Betty Corning' I have ever had.  It probably helps that I have not moved them recently.

The promise of potatoes.  Hope it's not an empty promise.

'Early Girl' tomato is the first to bloom, which I why I planted one. 

Scallions among the sweet potatoes.

Snap peas will be ready in a day or two.

This is the Wenk's that I overwintered inside, so naturally is is ahead of pepper schedule.

The purple-leafed growers in my front yard.

From the left:  smoke bush at the corner of the house, Crimson King maple in front, Japanese maple in the back, sand cherry bush, and barberry on the right.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm loving your gardens! I didn't know that potatoes had such lovely blooms. My one foray into trying to grow potatoes was a bust; they were rained out -- hardly got green stuff much less blooms.

I've planted two large pots with herbs and other stuff, and have one large container with two tomato plants (of the same variety) in it. I haven't tried tomatoes for years. These are Centennial, an heirloomy variety, I think. No blooms on the plants yet, but I'm hopeful.

It's dry, dry, dry here, after 18 inches of rain in May. I don't think we've had any measurable precipitation in June at all. I water every day; my bill is going to be huge, but I don't want to lose my plants.