Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doh! and No!

The past couple of years I have grown Amish snap peas.  While they have done okay, I did not think they were as prolific as the variety I grew many (20?!?) years ago.  Then I recently read somewhere that peas are to be planted in bands, not rows.  Doh!  I KNEW that, but had forgotten it.  No wonder the harvests seemed a bit sparse.  Next time I will do bands.  Assuming I remember.

Yesterday my SO came over to weed and found a dead rabbit outside the back fence.  While examining it last night, I found a dead robin nearby as well.  Remembering a CO2 cartridge I found in the garden a month or so ago, I put two and two together and came up with someone using my backyard habitat for target practice.  Grrr!  Of course, I have my suspicions but no proof, so I emailed all my adjacent neighbors, asking if they had noticed anyone in my yard.  One responded that while she had not seen anyone in my yard, she had found a dead rabbit in their yard.  The plot thickens.

Today the weather is not very summerlike - gray, breezy, cool - almost like fall.  Hope my sweet potatoes don't get discouraged.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

I hope the culprit is located and served with proper justice, whatever that may be. Shame! Shame!