Thursday, February 17, 2011

The ugliest month of the year

I work from home one or two days a week.  Usually I sit in the West Wing and enjoy looking out on my backyard habitat.  This winter the birds have been especially prevalent.  Until now.

Where ARE those birds?
Now it is warming up, and the birds apparently can find food and water elsewhere.  The snow is dirty and half melted and revealing not only the dull browns and grays underneath, but piles and piles of dog poop. 
I'll just slither down the fence...

During the winter, I try to keep up with Betsy's leavings, but once it snows, all bets are off.  With all the snow we received this winter, the leavings are worse than usual.  Also, they ring the patio.  Since Betsy does not like to walk where she has shat, this has produced a bit of a dilemma.

... and clean up under the feeders before that nasty dog sees me.
But not for long.  The pooper scooper brigade has started spring clean up, even if it is not yet spring.  Good thing she is cute.  And asleep, or she would be telling this squirrel just where he can go.


Pat - Arkansas said...

I love the squirrel photos. The little devils are so cute, and such pests. They eat my bird seed, dig holes in the flower beds to bury nuts, then dig them up again. I'd venture to say I spend a good work-week of time each year just shooing squirrels away from the feeders. And, then, I put peanut butter and seed combo on the tree trunks for them. Go figure!

I have no doggies to clean up after. I noticed one of the sons of my neighbor in her back yard today with a shovel. She has a large German Shepherd-mix dog and our snow, though all gone, now, made it impossible for her to clean up after him. Her grown sons are very faithful visitors to do what ever needs to be done in her yard.

Patrick's Garden said...

I'm glad someone thinks they are cute. I have two words about squirrels: they suck.