Friday, February 11, 2011

A taste of summer in February

Since I bought my freezer, I have been good at puuting things IN it, but not so good about taking stuff OUT.  So the other day I made some vegetable soup, using frozen tomato juice as the base, then adding frozen green beans, just sprouting potatoes and onions, plus some store-bought corn, celery, and carrots.  Needless to say, the tomato juice made the soup.

And now that the apples in the garage are gone, it's time to hit the frozen applesauce.  I was going to "treat" myself by sweetening it a bit, but guess what?  The combination of Fuji and IdaRed apples needs no sweetening at all.  Delish!

Tonight, I'll be baking a French apple pie with the frozen apple slices.  Tomorrow it's chuck roast, which should use up the last of the potatoes and a lot of the smallest onions.

The blueberries are gone, but there are still peaches.  And tomatoes.  Lots and lots of tomatoes.  Must consume them before the first ones come out of the garden.

Can you tell I am tired of winter?

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Your soup sounds soooooo good! Just the thing for this frigid weather. It's great that you have a stash of good things in your freezer.