Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter doldrums

Unusually pretty sunset for these parts

Once the holidays are over, it is a long slumber until spring.  Around here it does not snow much, so instead of a winter wonderland, we get dirty slush-covered browns and grays.  Even the initial manic of seed catalogs has given way to the depressive blahs of mid-January.  Bah.

When I purchased my ski equipment several years ago, I subconsciously made a pact with myself to ski whenever I could.  This has amounted to once or twice a year (see above comment about snow).  Last Saturday seemed like my only opportunity this year, so I drove to a nearby county park.  The snow on the trails was old and used, so the skiing turned into a lot of work.  And despite the signs stating the paths were closed to hikers, some bozos had tromped on the ski tracks, leaving bare ground showing where their heels struck.  I could hear my skis scraping bottom.  By the time I gave up, I had a big blister on the back of each heel and the realization that I see more wildlife in my own backyard.  I filed the excursion under the "We're going to have fun whether you want to or not, dammit" category and went home.

At least my backyard wildlife keeps me amused.  That rascally rabbit was out and about this morning.  It kept running along the chain link fence, from one side of the yard to the other.  Looking for a way out?  I was in an online meeting (stupid job) and tethered to my computer, so I could not get up and see if it could get through the gap by the gate.  Or maybe it is too dumb to remember the gap is there?  Or too blind to find it?  And what do rabbits eat in the winter, besides the bark off my shrubs (which are protected by chicken wire, thank you very much)?  There is cracked corn and sunflower seeds under the bird feeders, but I have also been throwing apple cores under the steps, just in case the poor thing needs something extra.  I know.  I'm hopeless.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

That's a beautiful sunset for any part of the country!

I'm glad you're trying to take care of your fenced in rabbit.