Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Almost ready

A little over three inches

Technically, we need four inches of snow before breaking out the cross country skis.  The white stuff is still coming down, albeit in a finer state, but I'm hoping there will be enough.

In case you are wondering, I took pity on the last captured rabbit and unblocked the gap at one gate.  I just kept worrying there was a nest of babies somewhere in the backyard, starving to death in the bitter cold.  Getting soft in my old age, I guess.

Betsy sniffing for bunnies in front of the house
My neighbor across the street wandered over with his snow blower this afternoon.  The snow was light and fluffy, but I'm still glad I did not have to do the driveway by hand.

My driveway is 50' long
The snow brought in the birds.  On the left is a blue bird, on the right a goldfinch, and I'm not sure about the rest.  

One is coming in for a landing

After these departed, a hardy sparrow came to bathe.  Brrr!

Despite the snow on the ground, the gardening catalogs keep piling up.  Several years ago, I started receiving Growers Supply, which targets nurseries and market gardeners.  Lots of greenhouses and greenhouse supplies.  I have never ordered anything from them, but I like to scan its pages for ideas.  Since the voles ruined my potato crop last year, I am looking for ways to foil them this year.  Growers Supply suggests lining the bottom of raised beds with wire mesh.  I was considering enclosing the bed in mesh, but if I do the bottom as well, that would keep the little boogers out.  At least I don't have to contend with deer.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Although, at the time of your photo, we had a couple more inches of snow, it looks about the same -- light and fluffy.

I'm glad you unblocked the gate. You're compassionate, not soft.

I need a heated bird bath!!